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Friday, April 12, 2013

Maharashtra Drought - Reading a farmer's mind!

The Indian state of Maharashtra is facing a drought of gigantic proportions. Vast sections of the state are reeling under drought. 

The deputy Chief Minister of the State, Ajit Pawar, visited the affected areas. He was once Water Resources Minister of the State and, thanks to some shocking decisions taken in his time and large-scale corruption, is largely responsible for the current state of affairs.

In a speech during his recent visit, let alone being of any help or support to the locals, all he could do was to mock at their situation. He made a shocking statement saying something like "What do you expect me to do? Urinate to fill the dams?"

THIS is the level of sensitivity of some of our politicians! This remark just exemplifies the huge chasm that exists between those in power and those on the ground.

I tried to put myself in a farmer's position to imagine what he must be going through. This poem is a result - a reflection of his mind.


Kadakti hai dhoop

Pyaase hain honth
Bache hain bilbilaate
Par ek boond paani nahin

Patte hain sookhe
Daraar hain zameen par
Baarish ki nahin aasha
Haalaat ye insaani nahin

Kis ko sunaayen dukhda
Kya kya hum bataayen
Aankhon mein khud dekh lo
Kya dikhti hairaani nahin

Aaye the sheher se wo
Dekhne haalat apni
Hans diye munh par wo
Jaise unki pareshaani nahin

Jald aayega wo din bhi
Baari hogi hamaari
Dikhayenge unko hum
Chalegi unki man-maani nahin


The sun beats down relentlessly
The lips are parched
The children cry non-stop
But there's not one drop of water

The leaves have all dried up
There are cracks on the ground
There's no hope of rain
These are inhuman conditions

Who do we tell our tale to
What all do we tell them
If you just look into my eyes
Can't you see for yourself my misery?

He had come from the city
To check out our condition
He laughed at us to our face
As if it is none of his problem

That day is not far away
When it will be our turn
Then we will show you
You cannot always get your way!!!


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