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Monday, December 05, 2016

Demonetisation - the saga in couplets

"Demonetisation Saga", this thread
Some couplets, to show to what it has led

“Couldn’t have executed it better”, they said
Yet in queues, people were falling dead

“No pain no gain”, they said
Staying ever smug, not a tear shed

 “Minor inconvenience”, they said
As across the country, havoc spread

“For long-term good”, they said
What good ,and when, safely left unsaid

“Have to make sacrifices”, they said
"We live in comfort, border soldiers lie dead"

“Kept it top-secret”, they said
Many signs though, that some did know ahead

“The corrupt are quaking”, they said
But, it’s the poor who’re breaking instead

“Will collect black money”, they said
Looks like it’s turning white instead

“Just go cashless”, they said
Nonchalant, as a cash-heavy nation bled

“Give us fifty days”, they said
Soon revising  it to hundred-and-eighty instead

“Worked on it for ten months”, they said
To show this was no rush of blood to the head

While stories of success to us are daily fed
All we can do is keep banging our head

Indeed fools rush in where angels fear to tread
And thus, in one fell swoop, shatter their very cred!