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Friday, May 09, 2014

Namma Bengaluru (Our Bangalore)

The purpose of this poem is not to criticize, but to reflect.
Not just on WHAT we are doing, but HOW we're doing it.
Ask ourselves: Even if what we're doing makes sense, is this the best way?


I remember a Bangalore green
Its roads lined with trees
Its weather, everyone’s envy
All day, a cool breeze

‘Twas the pride of India
Its Garden City, no less
Who could’ve thought this city of charm
Would end up in such a mess

But the state and people alike
Gave in to their innate greed
The once “pensioners’ paradise”
Was left to go to seed

Aye, a city must grow
To modern times, adapt
If only this were done with care
The changes would’ve been apt

But now just bricks and mortar
Stack up each corner and nook
Broken pavements, traffic and crowds
Anywhere you look

The summer sun now burns
As it does the city taunt
No escape from me, it says
Try as hard as you want

Oh, how the heart now yearns
For that cool breeze of yore
But the sad truth for one and all
Is, it’ll return no more