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If I can just give to the world more than I take from it, I will be a very happy man. For there is no greater joy in life than to give. Motto : Live, Laugh and Love. You can follow me on Twitter too . My handle is @Raja_Sw.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Morning coffee

The hustle, the bustle
The flexing of the muscle
Cars at the signal
Like ants in a beeline
Furrowed foreheads
Impatient, raring to press on

From a distance I observe
This world around me
Buzzing, frenzied, frenetic
I quietly smile to myself
Lazing in my chair
Sipping my morning coffee
Is the world mad?
Or is it I?


dustedoff said...

Duniya paagal hai, ya phir main deewaana? :-)

Well written, Raja. Liked it a lot.

Poonam Singh said...

very nicely done.you paint a pretty picture and can't help but envy you you're leisure while we chase the next....what it is we chase, we know not.:-(

Avinash Scrapwala said...

Nice 'aerial' view over 'worldly' affairs!!
or 'self actualization thoughts'?
or 'main samajhta hoon duniya to pagal' aur 'duniya samajhti hai mujhko pagal' (as once said by Kishorilal Khandwala :)(just joking)

Overall, i like it very much ...

sumon said...

Really awesome.