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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life's like that!

Even by the standards of his terrible job, the day had been bad.

It had started with his car breaking down on the way to work. It was then he realized that his phone battery was also dead. By the time he finally managed to get in to work, it was as if all hell had broken loose. 

A critical server had crashed. Thanks to his company’s belt-tightening efforts, the backup server, never used operationally until now, was nowhere close to being capable of handling the load now expected of it, rendering it practically unusable. His colleague had decided to call in sick that day – leaving him now to deal with the problem. In other words, fix it.

John, his boss, was in no mood for explanations. “Fix it – then we’ll talk!” he barked at Mike.

Mike didn’t say a word. Getting straight down to business, two hours later, after a lot of searching and testing and rebooting,  voila – the server was up and running again. They were back in business.

John's cabin. NOW.” came the terse message from John’s secretary.

“It is ok now, John” Mike said, as he entered John's cabin.

“What’s ok? Four hours! FOUR hours we’ve lost today. Do you have ANY idea what that means? Do you know how many orders we’ve lost? How many customers we may have lost? Do you know how difficult it is to retain ONE customer nowadays?”

“Sorry...I did the best I could. It was quite a complicated problem. The system directory…”

“Spare me the details. You walk in one hour late, we can’t get you on the phone – who do you think you are?”

“Sorry, my car broke down. And my phone died too. I didn’t know Jim wouldn’t be in today. Anyway, it’s working now. We really should be getting a faster backup server, John”.

“Sure, why don’t we just get it out of your salary?”

Mike went silent.

“What are you doing still standing here? Have you finished that network configuration schematic that I asked you to work on? I want to see it by end of day today on my desk.”

Mike returned to his desk. The day was only half over but he was already feeling very tired. Oh, how he hated this job! But he needed it. He needed the money. Not for himself, but for his daughter.

Mira. His ten-year old. She’d been five when her mother had died in a fire accident in front of her eyes. She hadn’t spoken a word since.

He’d shown her to every doctor he could. “It’s a trauma case. We can try – but no guarantees”.

 And they’d tried. Without result.

He’d finally taken her to Chicago. A friend had suggested this speciality clinic there. Not very well-known but apparently it had shown some good results for similar cases. It was over a thousand miles away – but he was willing to try ANYTHING.

 “No guarantees, Mr. Wilson” the doctor had said “but we’ll try our best. You can leave her in our care.”

It was expensive – and insurance covered only a fraction of the costs – but it didn’t matter. Mira was all he had. Money was no object.

He’d call up the clinic every week. “We’re working on it” is all they’d say.

The phone rang.

He was in no mood to pick it up. It went to voice mail. “Mr. Wilson, this is Dr. Adams from…”.

He grabbed the receiver.

“Yes, Doctor?”

“Mr. Wilson, somebody wants to speak to you”.


He froze.


He couldn’t speak. Tears were flowing down his eyes.

He covered his eyes with his hand.

Nothing, NOTHING, could spoil his day now.

(Pic courtesy morguefile).

This post is written as part of the writetribe  initiative. 


Bhavya said...

Awww... :) :)
I have tears in my eyes. Do I need to say more?

Ava Suri said...

Really good, Raja.

What a wonderful story. I totally empathize with Mike, both for his struggle with his job, and his anxiousness with his daughter's affliction.

You have such a wonderful flair for writing. You can do poetry, fiction, and non-fiction with equal facility.

I am always happy to visit your blog and read whatever you have written. It is always worth my while.

Me said...

Papa wali feeling hai.. Thank you :')

JANU said...

This is beautiful. Very touching indeed.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! That is SO sweet. You know, even though I'd read (and commented on) Ava's post for this same photo, I'd forgotten what the theme was - so seeing where your story went came as a pleasant surprise. Something so magical about seeing the same photo being interpreted in two so very different - and equally satisfying - ways. Absolutely wonderful.

sulekkha said...

A touching story.Left me with a teary smile.

Usha Menon said...

Hello Raja. This the first time I saw your post. It is so poignant and full of emotions. Beautiful take on the prompt.

Afshan said...

a pic made u write such a bful story
I loved the end. I felt so happy.
After all these things matter . Family and happiness how ever lousy the work may be
Incidentally I too wrote a silly story on work pressures :)
GOOD one raja

Anonymous said...

:) :) nice read... and so true about life as well


Varsh said...

Liked your post very much! Your take is very different from everyone else in the prompt. You made it so emotional, my eyes were moist.
I'd like to read more of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh God! Mine is on similar lines. I can imagine how the father feels.

Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

I am so happy to know that his little girl is speaking again. This joy can outdo all the aggravation he has had to put up with work.

Shilpa Garg said...

Awesome! What a beautifully woven heart warming story!! :))

Raja Swaminathan said...

@Bhavya, your tears say it all. Glad you found it touching!

@Ava, thank you. You are good for my ego. :-)

@Me, I guess this was what I was trying to create. Thanks.

@Janu, thank you. Glad you liked it.

@dustedoff, glad you liked it. Getting praise from you is high praise indeed.

@sulekkha, thanks. Glad you liked it.

@Usha Menon, thanks for visiting. Glad you liked my take on the prompt.

@Afshan, indeed it is a matter of perspective. Off to read your take on the pic now. :-)

@pinashpinash, thank you. Indeed life is often like this.

@Varsh, thanks for visiting and for liking this post.

@Jyothi, thanks. Now I'm going to read your take on the pic. :-)

@Cynthia, indeed, it's a matter of perspective. And priorities in life.

@Shilpa, thanks for your compliment. And for visiting. :-)

Kathy said...

Aww what a heart wrenching piece!! This was awesome.


Vidya Sury said...

Big hugs, Raja. That was so beautiful. I whooped with joy when I reached the end. I just wished it would go on, though :D

Fabulously written!

Kalpana Misra said...

Very well written. I was so moved.

Anonymous said...

I was pleased with the happy ending. very touching indeed !

Richa Singh said...

it brings to light the pain everyday people sustain in the face of mundane work. we need to identify the pain behind those who work and sustain a lot of things for their loved ones.


Anonymous said...

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