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Saturday, May 04, 2013

This crazy mind

This crazy mind
Grabbing at the air
The air laughing mischievously
As if saying
Catch me if you can.

All that’s left
Is a clenched fist.
Open it,
And it’s empty.
Nothingness stares back.

This crazy mind
Needs to pick its battles.
Not the air.
Or the space without.
But the space within.

Its adversary
Or ally, seen another way
Is, but of its own making.
For it is itself
One, or the other.

This crazy mind
Oh, the complexity!
Or the beauty, seen another way.
For it is both,
The one, and the other.

This crazy mind
What it sees, thinks...
Does it see roses?
Or the thorns, seen another way?
For it is both,
The one, and the other.

You are what you think.


Shalini Austin said...

Nice one Raja!

Ava Suri said...

This is really good.

You must write as often as you can. This was a bit of wonderful inspiration.

I often get beautiful thoughts as well, but I am usually driving at the time, or busy in the kitchen. By the time I reach the keyboard, the thought is gone :(

Raja Swaminathan said...

Thanks,Shals. Glad you liked it. :-)

Thanks, Ava. Have taken your advice seriously - have just written another poem. :-) You should hang on to the thought. Though, to be honest, this thing happens all the time to me too.