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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

In the ultimate analysis

You come into this world with nothin’
And with absolutely nothin’ you go
Twixt this first instant and last
You live the life you know

At first a life as a baby
Face shining with a peaceful glow
Crying, eating, sleeping
One day, into a child you grow

As a child, your world’s a wonder
Every day you feel a hero
Playing games, indoors and outdoors
Into a teenager you grow

As a teen, your mind’s restless
And so tantrums you throw
Everyone’s now on your back
Till into an adult you grow

As an adult, your world’s very different
Work, and a family in tow
It’s a long and arduous journey at times
Till into old age you go

As an old man, you’re counting the years
Your mind and body now slow
Much of your journey’s a flashback
Till one day, it’s time to go

Lying still, bones and flesh
At best, in a suit and a bow
You’re finally back to where you began
With neither friend nor foe

This is the simple truth, my friend
This is all we have to show
In the ultimate analysis, we’re all the same
So please, can we shed that ego?


pacifist said...

Excellent Raja. I was expecting an urdu poem, something like "Zindagi ka safer" ;-) But you've shown you are equally good at composing English poems.

Archana said...

Very well written! When I saw your post on fb, even I was expecting something in Urdu. But this is beautiful!
I hope you continue to write and publish your poems.

Ava Suri said...

Raja, you excel at parody, serious poems, urdu. Wow.

Ab kya misal doon me tumhare kamal ki...

harvey said...

Mid-life crisis ko chhod diya? When he gets a Porsche and a young blonde girl-friend? ;-)

Liked the poem a lot! Has a nice old-world wisdom to it. I find it wonderful the way you have let it rhyme ab ab.

Good, very good!

pacifist said...

Is there a name for such a style where only the second and the fourth lines rhyme?
I know that when the first and second rhyme, then the third and fourth, it's called Clerihew.

Raja Swaminathan said...

@Pacifist, thanks. Glad you liked it. :-) Let's just say, toggling between Urdu and English is one way to hide my mediocrity. :-)

@Archana, thank you for your encouragement, bitiya. Glad you liked it.

@Ava, comment to @Pacifist applies here too. The more genres you try, the more your mediocrity gets spread out. ;-) But yes, I like to try different flavours, for variety.

@Harvey, thanks. Glad you liked it. Mid-life crisis was too real to talk about. ;-) That too, sans Porsche and young blonde gf.

@Pacifist, I must plead ignorance. If you get to know, do let me know.