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Monday, May 27, 2013

RIP Cricket (1877-2013)

Once upon a time
Not so long ago
There was a sport called cricket
That I loved to follow.

With bat and ball
And stumps and bails
Runs and wickets
And legends and tales.

The Ashes and Bradman
Sobers, and games tied
I read up on them all
With eyes ever wide.

Marshall to Gavaskar
Chandra to Richards
The magic, sheer magic
Of contests revered.

Was simpler back then
Little money, less support
Players, made but a bit
The game, much a sport.

Then along came the merchants
With dollars in their eyes
One mantra on their lips
Monetize, monetize, monetize.

Fair game indeed, why not
For the times were not the same
And he, who goes not with the flow
Has only himself to blame.

But then, alas, disaster
For it all went just too far
The greed, it killed the sport
A million cuts, many a scar.

So died the game called cricket
A business now in its place
In the quest for money and more
The game died, nary a trace.

R.I.P, cricket (as I knew it).


Richa Singh said...

A wonderful piece! How well you have captured the emotions of every fan today. Beautiful :)

Raja Swaminathan said...

Thanks, Richa. Just wanted to vent my feelings. Have been following the game for 40 years, so it does hurt a bit to see how greed has destroyed it.

Ava Suri said...

Raja, You have outdone yourself.

I am sorry the occasion is not really good, but your poem is excellent. I have seen it posted on fb as well.