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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moving on!

I hear tales
Of lands, far and near
From people who’ve lived
Across oceans, without fear

Tales, rich with fabric
Of discoveries new
Sounding ever so often                   
Just too good to be true

My schoolmates from days gone
Now miles and miles away
Scattered around the world
Australia, Europe, USA

But I’ve stayed put here
This same home since birth
Sometimes when I reflect
I wonder what it’s worth

Yes, seeds I once sowed
Are now fully grown trees
I look at them with pride
When they sway in the breeze

But not all’s been good
There’s been sadness too
There’ve been losses along the way
That I have had to rue

My friendly grocer’s no more
I do so miss his smile
He used to give me goodies
And compliment my style

The library’s gone as well
There’s a gaming club instead
What was once a regular haunt
Is now a place I dread

The field where once I played
Now all bricks and mortar
The sky, once bright and clear
Now more and more a blur

I fear if I’m here longer
I’ll be a relic of the past
The body’s not quite itself now
And the mind’s losing it fast

True, where you grow up is special
And fond memories do remain
But it’s time for new pastures now
Else life’s too mundane.


harvey said...


it evokes such strong feelings, that my reaction is also to go far away from Here.
But it doesn't matter where one goes the same patterns follow one.

Ava Suri said...

Another great poem, Raja. You excel at this.

It is indeed hard to stay put in one place and see your friends soar away.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! My childhood was that of a wanderer - skipping around Assam, Himachal, MP, Kashmir - wherever my father got posted. But I've lived in Delhi since I was 12, so I guess this is my home. And yes, I've seen lots of friends and relatives go away and become just people I 'meet' on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see a place where you've been born and brought up change. The pic looks really beautiful :)

Raja Swaminathan said...

@Harvey,the mind is what needs the change. If it doesn't make the effort, no change of scene will help.

@Ava, thanks. Yes, it's hard. Makes one feel old.

@dustedoff, at least you've been lucky to experience different places, even if you've now more or less settled in one place. I think life's about experiences, finally.

@dianasmusings, it is indeed soul-crushing. But that's life - nothing is constant. One has to accept this fact of life and live accordingly IMO.

rudraprayaga said...

It reflects our childhood experiences which travel along with us to our nostalgic field.Interesting.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Looking at that door, I'd be fascinated by the house and wouldn't mind moving too - at least temporarily! ;)

Another lovely poem, Raja.

Anonymous said...
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Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

:) You left all those lovely, warm memories behind and moved to Cyprus or Greece?
Lovely poem.


You write beautifully!
This is very apt and I love your poem for its simplicity and truth.

Loved this stanza-

'Yes, seeds I once sowed
Are now fully grown trees
I look at them with pride
When they sway in the breeze'

And yes sometimes we have to make tough decisions!

Suzy said...

It's always sad to move on from the home of our childhood. I can never forget mine - too many wonderful memories.

sharmila k said...

Lovely poem Raja.Dropped in via Writer;s tribe.

Richa Singh said...

Every single line I could somewhere relate to. With me married and still in my hometown I can sense all that you just wrote. Loved the grocer's line... so true we often miss people whose name also we don't remember :)


Raja Swaminathan said...

@rudraprayag,thanks for visiting. Indeed our childhood memories and the home are always something we cherish.

@Corinne, haha. It does look enticing, doesn't it? Encouraging a free-spirited mind. You're most welcome to join. :-)

@Cynthia, good one. :-) Yes, Cyprus/Greece, the beach, the lovely sunshine. On the other hand, the memories! Something had to give. Well, Greece won. :-)

@Kislaya Gopal, thanks. Glad you liked the poem.

@Suzy, indeed it's never easy leaving a place, especially if you've been there for a long time. The emotional turmoil can be overwhelming. On the other hand, life is about change and experiences, isn't it? :-)

@Sharmila, thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked the poem. :-)

@Richa, this is actually not as uncommon as we might think. A lot of people stay at one place. And the memories just keep building up. I guess one has to learn to appreciate them, without becoming slave to them. :-)

Afshan said...

beautifully written
I love poetry and loved this piece
some times its better to come out of past and not cling to it
Good day !

Laxmi Chundi Addanki said...

Te poem has such a nice ring to it:-) Glad to have stumbled upon your works!