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Friday, April 12, 2013

Paani, paani re... Water! Water!

Shekhar Kapur, noted film director, is far more than just a film director. He has been taking up various public causes from time to time - most recently, and vocally, on water.

Today he has published an article in Tehelka magazine, raising some extremely pertinent questions. Whose water is it anyway? Who owns the groundwater? Who owns the rivers?

His article can be found here.

Inspired by his article, I have penned a few lines myself on this subject.

Paani, paani re (Water! Water!)
Kabhi kudrat ki den thi
Amoolya aur bharpoor
Humne hi nahin ki qadr
Hai hamara hi qasoor

Hamari ye nadiyaan
Aur poonji neeche zameen ke
Sabko hamne hai kiya nasht
Rahenge na hum kaheen ke

Makaan banaayen hum zor shor se
Aur tanker se paani mangwaayen
Jo haq hamesha tha har kisi ka
Usi par hum ab mol lagwaayen

Abhi to hai shuruvaat kisse ki
Abhi to hona hai bhayankar
Jab gali gali mein jang chhidegi
Bachaane na aayega Ram ya Shankar


Once it was a gift of nature
Invaluable and plentiful
It is we who failed to respect it
It is we who are to blame

These rivers of ours
And this wealth under our land
We have destroyed them all
We will end up nowhere

We build buildings with great enthusiasm
And we order water in tankers
What was once every man's right
We now put a price on it

This is just the beginning
This is going to get even scarier
When there are battles on every street
Even your Ram or Shankar (Shiv) will not come to save you!


पानी पानी रॆ
कभी कुदरत की देन थी
अमूल्य और भरपूर
हमने ही नही की कद्र 
है हमारा ही कसूर

हमारी सारी नदियाँ 
और पूंजी नीचे ज़मीन के
सबको हमने है किया नष्ट 
रहेंगे ना हम कहीं के

मकान बनाएं हम ज़ोर-शोर से
और टैंकर से पानी मंगवाएं 
जो हक़ हमेशा था हर किसी का
उसी पर हम अब मोल लगवाएं

अभी तो है शुरुवात किस्से की
अभी तो होना है भयंकर
जब गली गली मे जंग छिड़ेगी 
बचाने ना आएगा राम या शंक


Silverambrosia said...

Loved the poem, and the article was very enlightening, had no idea that 85% of people in India lived in water-stressed conditions.

harvey said...

Nice poem dear Raja!

Unfortunately it is not the persons who are destroying this planet or abusing its resources, who are suffering because of it but others. Water belongs to everybody. But there comes a firm bribes officials and politicians, pays a paltry sum for it and says it belongs to us now.
This selling-off of our natural resources should stop. NOW!

Raja Swaminathan said...

@Silverambrosia, thanks for visiting. Glad that you liked the poem. I found the article enlightening too. I knew the problem was bad (and getting worse) but Shekhar Kapur has presented it really well in this piece.

@Harvey, indeed. Looks like even water, air - basics of life - will now be owned by people to be made profit out of. That's how things are moving in this world. Sad.