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If I can just give to the world more than I take from it, I will be a very happy man. For there is no greater joy in life than to give. Motto : Live, Laugh and Love. You can follow me on Twitter too . My handle is @Raja_Sw.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I'm everywhere!

People I judge
I always hold a grudge
And from my views,
I never, never budge

I sit on a perch
Like the pastor of a church
I look down on you
Like I would, a dirty shoe

I’m a nasty piece of work
Real work I always shirk
If at work I make you cry
I see that as a perk

I am the guy you hate
The one you’d never date
But hey I’m everywhere
Just look outside your gate.


Ava Suri said...

Brilliant, brilliant :)

clap clap clap

Shalini Austin said...

There is a word for people like you but I am too nice to say it! :-P

Raja Swaminathan said...

Thank you, Ava. :-)

Shals, I think I can guess what it is. :-)

Suresh A said...

live samachar

Nice Blog i will visit again