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If I can just give to the world more than I take from it, I will be a very happy man. For there is no greater joy in life than to give. Motto : Live, Laugh and Love. You can follow me on Twitter too . My handle is @Raja_Sw.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dard-e-dil, dard-e-jigar

Khoya khoya sa hoon
Ki apni hi talaash mein hoon
Sehma sehma sa hoon
Ki kuchh niraash sa hoon
Bunte the khwaab bhi kabhi
Jab kabhi asha ki thi kiran
Ab to aalam hai ye banaa
Ki haare baazigar ke taash sa hoon

Loose English translation:

I am somewhat lost
For I'm in search of my own self
I am somewhat subdued
For I'm disillusioned at the moment
I used to weave dreams once
When I thought I could see a ray of hope
But now I feel like a gambler
Dealt a hand that can only lose

P.S: My occasional forays in the world of poetry sometimes do border on the morose. This is purely because I like to indulge in all moods in my poetry, not just the gung-ho type. The poetry should therefore not be seen as necessarily reflective of my state of mind. :-)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Whose life is it anyway?

So they’ve ceased firing
For how long, I wonder
A year, maybe two
‘fore the bombs again thunder

Where life is cheap
And dignity even cheaper
The wrinkles tell their own story
As the wounds just get deeper

That child silenced for ever
Was she Jew or non-Jew
Collateral damage, they say
And continue to bomb anew

And we, from the sidelines, watch
This drama year after year
From the comfort of our cosiness
We shed the odd tear.