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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Fishing and Test cricket

I get the weirdest thoughts sometimes. :-)

The weather was pleasantly sunny today, so I went out for a walk in the early afternoon.

There’s a fairly big pond near my place – there were a couple of elderly gentlemen, seated by the edge, basking in the sunshine and fishing in the pond.

I don't know why, but I paused for a few minutes. I think it was just to see if anything would happen. Maybe a fish would bite.

But nothing happened.

That is when it struck me.

Maybe fishing is like Test cricket.

People of an older generation spending hours sitting in one place, waiting patiently and intently for something to happen. 

Occasionally a wicket falls (just like a fish bites) – and they get very excited. Discussing the event. Analysing it. 

And then it is back to the long wait.

Sometimes you think the fish has taken the bait, you are excited – but it turns out to be a false alarm. Much like an appeal in Test cricket that's turned down.

Sometimes nothing happens ALL day - and yet you feel satisfied that you've enjoyed the proceedings.

Yes, fishing and Test cricket. Lots in common. :-)


Ava Suri said...

The people who fish are out there in the open, doing something, contemplating; whereas the cricket watchers are merely getting a passive adrenaline fix, as it is the players who are doing all the work and they are just sitting on the sideline and looking on.

Anonymous said...

You know what this reminded me of, Raja? A section towards the beginning of Piccadilly Jim (the book, not the film) in which the American, Mr Crocker, is told by his butler that the previous day's play of a county cricket match had been "a very exciting game".

Mr Crocker's baffled reply: ""Exciting? How do you make that out? I sat in the bleachers all afternoon, waiting for some-
thing to break loose. Doesn't anything ever happen at cricket?"


Raja Swaminathan said...

@Ava, the cricketers are like the fish, the object of attention. And a fix is a fix, whether passive or active. :-)

@dustedoff, ha ha. From my own experience, I must say "look who's talking!". I've only ever watched the one baseball game live in my life - and suddenly Test cricket felt like eena-meena-deeka. :-)

Raja Swaminathan said...

In all fairness, though, it is me that is to blame for my lack of understanding of baseball. I've heard there are lots of nuances in the game - somehow I've never really got the game. Maybe one day...

And I need to read Piccadilly Jim. Or watch the movie. :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't watch the movie. Read the book - it's vintage Wodehouse. :-)

harvey said...

That was witty!
But I think like all madness, only the mad see the sanity in their madness. :-)

Raja Swaminathan said...

@dustedoff, yes, I think I'd prefer the book too. Wodehouse's writing has a charm of its own - no movie can do justice to it.

@harvey, "duniya paagal hai..ya phir main deewana"? Glad to be mad, would be insane to be sane! :-)

squarecut.atul said...

Raja you realised it too late. I had seen the similarity between fishing ( aka jhak maarna) and cricket long ago. :)