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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Being a Rahul Dravid fan!

Somebody help me. I’ve just realised (I know, very late!) that I’m never going to see Rahul Dravid on a cricket field again, playing for India. All these glowing tributes that I’ve been reading the last couple of days have been trying to tell me just that – but I’ve been in denial. Till this moment.

Don’t give me all that “it had to happen sometime” logic. If it’s supposed to ease the pain, it’s doing a pretty lousy job of it. I KNOW it had to happen sometime. But why couldn’t it happen when Dravid is in his, say, 90s? It’s not like that is unfamiliar territory for him.

And don’t give me this “the old order changeth” Tennyson stuff. When he (Dravid, I mean, not Tennyson) was the only guy in the team getting those runs in England last year, did he look old? And now suddenly he’s old?

And yes, I’m being selfish. Dravid may be a very unselfish guy, but I’m sorry, I’m not. Well, in many things I am, but in this matter, I put my foot down. I really don’t care if there’s a youngster waiting out there. He can replace any other player, not Rahul Dravid. Didn’t Sachin himself say that Dravid is irreplaceable? So there!

Tell me, what would you rather see in a Test match? Dravid walking out there to bat at No.3 for India? Or a ? (And don’t be sly and fill your own name!).

This is not about other players, I wish them all the very best in their careers. This is about Dravid, and Dravid alone. Surely he can’t betray all of us like this, can he? Case of “dil ke tukde tukde kar ke, muskuraate chal diye”. My question then to you, Rahul, is “jaate jaate ye to bataa ja, hum jiyenge kiske liye”?

Can’t we do something about this? We can’t even bribe the guy to stay because I’m sure he won’t accept bribes. Can’t we land up at Jantar Mantar or Azad Maidan and kick off a “Dravid, thou shalt not retire” protest? Surely he cares enough about his fans to reconsider his decision? Or maybe, knowing him, we should change the text to “Dravid, the Indian team needs you”. After all, he’s always done ANYTHING for the Indian team.

If he’s worried about not spending enough time with his boys or wife, all that can be arranged. We will make sure the BCCI revises its Test match calendar to suit whatever Rahul wants. He gets to pick the dates – you think that will make him change his mind?

He wants another tour of Australia to make amends for the last one? We can arrange that too. The BCCI will just have to figure out how. If they can arrange an ad hoc T20 in South Africa out of the blue, they can arrange another Test series Down Under. We’ll make them do that!

Or, maybe, just maybe, I’m having a bad dream here.

I’m going to open my eyes now, veeerrry sloooowly – and it’s all going to be perfectly fine. It was just a really baaaad dream!!!

Ok, eyes open now.



Ok, Rahul, I’ve moved on from denial to acceptance.

It doesn’t mean I’m happy, but I’m accepting the situation.

It doesn’t mean I’m not going to switch off the TV when the first Indian wicket falls, but I’m accepting the situation.

It doesn’t mean I’m completely rejecting that Jantar Mantar protest idea but I’m accepting the situation.

I survived Vishwanath-1983. I survived Gavaskar-1987. I was much younger then, I was made of sterner stuff, the heart wasn’t that mellow, Test cricket still had flag-bearers – I tell you it’s going to be a lot more difficult this time round.

But I cannot be thinking only about myself. What sort of Dravid fan would I be if even a little bit of your unselfishness has not rubbed off on me? You’ve given me so much for so long – and still I crave for more? That may be human nature but it’s not Rahul Dravid’s nature.

So, I will just say - thank you for everything, Rahul. You brought many moments of happiness to millions of us, you brought hope to us in many situations of despair. One can learn a lot from you – about professionalism, hard work, humility, team spirit. You are a role-model for many – and deservedly so.  

Wish you a lot of success in your future, Rahul! You deserve nothing but the very best in your life!


Sandeep Gupta said...

I m thankful to all well wishers and all praises given to Sir Dravid. Though this news pours tears down my eyes, recalling memories of him since i was 4 or 5 years old. Will alwayS remain not only my fav but THE INSPIRATION in all phases of my life.

Ava Suri said...

The wall falls. My comment on your facebook post notwithstanding, I liked RD too, and found him very dependable. My deep sympathies, please let me know if there is anything I can do to assuage your grief.

Raja Swaminathan said...

@Sandeep, indeed Dravid is an inspiration for many. And rightly so. Not often that we come across a person with a combination of so many good qualities in him.

@Ava, thanks for your comment. :-) I think I will get over it. Will be difficult to watch the first few Dravid-less Tests but then it should be OK. But I will take you up on your offer and let you know if there is anything you can do to assuage my grief. :-)

Ashok Vaishnav said...

May I add another illustrious 2-down great of the Indian cricket- of the period when I liked and loved cricket: Vijay Manjrekar.

Angry Birds said...

I am also Great Fan of Mr.Rahul Dravid..Great Cricketer i ever seen in my life...