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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The captaincy imbroglio

Ever since Ganguly was appointed captain of India for the Zimbabwe tour, I have been reading a lot of comments here about this.
Many Dravid supporters, who now seem to be outnumbered by Ganguly-baiters, have gone up in arms to make Dravid the "victim" and Ganguly the "schemer".
It all plays nicely for sensationalism and to keep the media columnists busy. Now it seems Virender Sehwag has also come out openly in support of Ganguly - I read a comment somewhere that this could be because Sehwag fancies himself as captain instead of Dravid.
It pains me to read all this. Just because Sehwag supports Ganguly, it does not mean he is anti-Dravid. At this rate the team will get split down the middle. Is that what we want ?
Let's get back to the basics here.
First of all, when was Dravid ever promised permanent captaincy ? I think this is all media mischief. Saurav Ganguly has been India captain for years. Dravid has been vice-captain. In games that Ganguly did not play (for whatever reason), Dravid was made captain. In the recent SL ODI series, since Ganguly joined in the middle and Dravid had been appointed as captain, Ganguly played a couple of games under Dravid. That's about it. New series starts in a week's time. Ganguly is fit and eligible to play. He has been handed back the captaincy. Dravid continues as vice-captain. What's the big deal ? Why is the media making such a fuss about this ? People are letting their personal preferences about Ganguly and Dravid cloud their ability to think rationally. I am a huge fan of Dravid the batsman, am not sure about Dravid the captain yet. I am NOT convinced about Ganguly the batsman for non-minnow Tests although I think he has still got it in him to swing any ODI game. I am NOT a fan of Ganguly the captain - only because I think he gets far more credit for his captaincy than he deserves. But that's my personal opinion. Nobody has to agree with me - just like I would have no problem if somebody has an entirely opposite point of view.
But what I cannot deny is the fact that Ganguly and Dravid have been captain / vice-captain for a few years now - and the Indian Board, in all its wisdom, has decided to maintain status quo.
What I am more concerned about is that this media-created controversy and further fuelling by the public may tell on the relationship between both players, on the performances of both players and in general on the morale of the side. These are two key senior players in the side and you really do not want your team to get distracted by off-the-field matters. Indian cricket is not in the healthiest of shapes (under-statement of the year). Let us not make it worse by allowing the sensation-crazy media to dish it out to us in loads and dominate our thinking. We are better than that, I hope !

We want Team India to do well - and if that means it is Ganguly to lead, Dravid as vice-captain, fine with me. For that matter, anybody as captain / vice-captain is fine with me.

We have enough on-the-field performance issues. Let us just stand behind whoever the captain is and keep our personal preferences aside for once.

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